These Are the Best Sewing Machines

Do you need a new sewing machine? If so, you have probably been looking for a new one for some time, and maybe even started looking for prospects. Unfortunately, approaching the purchase of a new sewing machine like this is putting the cart before the horse. A better approach is to first determine what you need and want then go out and look for features that answer those issues. First, what are your skills and needs? You might want to begin your search by purchasing a sewing machine that has basic features, then buy something more complex when your skills improve. It is also good to know that many sewing machine businesses offer free tutorials, and even classes, for those wanting to determine which machine suits their needs best. You should take advantage of all the advice you get, but this article will provide you with some general guidance.

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The Basics

There are several makers of sewing machines that are long established and well known. These offer a good starting point for shoppers. Choose your retailer wisely, since smaller stores usually charge for their machines, but they also frequently provide more personalized service, lessons, and even in-store repairs. Larger retailers, on the other hand, usually offer a wider selection at lower costs.


Wherever you shop for your sewing machine, you should always ask about several key points. First regards warranties. Make sure you understand what it covers and what it doesn’t cover. You should also look for sales since Mother’s Day and Christmas usually offer the best buys. Finally, check on the store’s repair policies. Some stores send their repairs out to be done, others handle repairs themselves. Either way, you should check to see how long repairs usually take to complete. And always remember that technicians that are not authorized by makers will often void warranties.


Sewing Machine Types

Before you select a sewing machine, you should always give consideration to the specific type of machine you want. Sewing machines are offered in several different types: mechanical, electrical, and embroidery machines.


If you only sew occasionally or are on a budget, a mechanical machine is usually fine. With these types of machine, the controls operate manually, and can handle most repairs, simple clothing projects, and others. If you plan on sewing more often and you can afford more, an electrical machine is probably best for you. Electric machines usually take a lot of the tedious work out of sewing by utilizing computers instead of hand work. Embroidery machines will perform nearly all of the functions that you can do with an electronic model, with the addition of embroidery and monogramming for projects such as pillowcases, bedspreads, garments, and bedspreads.



Even the most basic sewing machines will offer a variety of functions to handle different fabrics without stretching or allowing it to pucker with stitches that are too loose or tight. Beyond this, there are several features that you will want to consider. These include an automatic buttonholer, feed dog adjustment, handy controls, lightweight, needle threader, presser feet, tension adjustment, and more.



If there is one thing that should be reassuring about the sewing machine brands that are available today it’s the fact that many have been in business for many years. As a result, the brands that today’s fashionistas trust are many of the same that their grandmothers–or even great-grandmothers–used in their day. More than 70 percent of the sewing machines sold today are made by three brands: Singer, Kenmore, and Brother. This should not diminish the quality of brands that are also popular today. These include Husqvarna Viking, Bernina, and others that have done an excellent job in producing machines that are of high quality. Below is a look at these individual brands.


Singer has been the leader in the sewing machine business since its founding 1851. The company offers a variety of models and styles for beginners as well as more experienced sewers. If a retailer sells sewing machines, chances are good they have a selection of Singer machines to offer. Singer dominates the sewing machine market with 43 percent of total sales.


Kenmore is another leading maker of sewing machine and enjoys a 23 percent share of total sales. Kenmore offers a variety of models, from basic to very advanced. Some of these machines are very high tech, enabling users to perform basic functions as well as intricate embroidery projects.


Husqvarna Viking has been in business for years, making a wide variety of electric and computerized sewing machines. The company is headquartered in Sweden. The company recently launched their newest label, Designer Diamond, their high-end full-service line of sewing and embroidery machines.


Janome America is a relative newcomer to the sewing machine business, but has become one of the top manufacturers in the field, primarily with more advanced sewing machine models.



It doesn’t take long for anyone, whether they are familiar with sewing machines or not, to determine that there is a lot to consider when making a selection for the best beginner sewing machine, best sewing machine for children, and many other types. Fortunately, makers offer a lot to those in the market.


The good news in this is that just as is the case with buying any project, those in the market for a sewing machine should take the time and effort to evaluate what their needs are as compared to what the market offers. There can be little doubt that with this as a buyer’s standard, a good selection can be made.